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Sedaghat binding

Sedaghat binding goes down his activity with management of mr Ebrahimi in 1990. Diligence, innovation, and use of new technologies, along with precise supervision and continuous and his severl years experience in industry of printing and binding caused till Sedaghat group in addition to being able to go forward in this process from beginning of establishment and to be turned into a reputable workshop in the field of printing, to be succeeded in training of expert human resources.


  • Meet the cut book

The size of length and width of the book is called cut. The aim is to promote the different sizes for book, in order to the easier use and fit to the kind of book usage. More 

  • What is binding?

Adjustment technique and closing pages of the book or like it and put them between two covers (volume) in order to holding together of pages and prevent from wearing out or tearing and facilitation of using them is called binding.  More